M.S., Speech Language Pathology, Murray State University; B.A., Communication Science Disorders, Butler University


Alex is a dedicated and compassionate professional with a Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology and a minor in Early Intervention. 

Prior to joining MSJ in November 2023, Alex served as the Director of Rehab at a skilled nursing facility, where she managed and coordinated therapy services for patients of all ages. This role allowed Alex to develop exceptional leadership skills and a deep understanding of the importance of individualized care. She also has experience working as a Speech Language Pathologist at a K-8 school providing support to students with exceptional needs. Her experience in an educational setting has equipped her with a unique perspective on the challenges faced by students and the strategies needed to foster their success.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Alex is a proud parent of two children. She understands the importance of balancing work and family life and brings a compassionate and empathetic approach to her role as Student Accessibility Specialist.

Alex is excited to contribute to the success and well-being of students, empowering them to reach their full potential.