Doctor of Philosophy, Ohio University; Master of Business Administration, University of Cincinnati



Dr. Weimer serves as an assistant professor of marketing with a rich academic and professional background. He earned his Ph.D. in Mass Communication from Ohio University, complemented by an MBA and BA from the University of Cincinnati. Before finalizing his dissertation, he gained valuable industry experience as a sales and marketing associate for WCPO-Cincinnati in the broadcast television sector.

Professor Weimer's research revolves around the interplay between digital media and identity. His pioneering dissertation, "Where are You Now: Privacy, Presence, and Place in the Pervasive Computing Era," delved into the relationship between smartphone usage and its impact on perceptions of focus, public identity, and privacy. His research findings have been featured in esteemed platforms such as the Global Media Journal, and he has been an active participant in prominent academic conferences, including the Global Fusion, Ohio Communication Association, and Central States Communication Association events.