M.B.A., Xavier University; M.D., B.A., Duke University



Creighton Wright is a Professor of Health Science and the Medical Director for the Physician Assistant Program at Mount St. Joseph University. Dr. Wright was actively involved in the original planning and subsequent development of the PA Program before accepting a faculty position.  He has been an ardent supporter of PAs since his education at Duke University, having been a student of Dr. Eugene Stead, Jr. when the PA profession was conceived in 1965.  Since his arrival in Cincinnati in 1981, Dr. Wright has recruited, hired and trained numerous PAs at health care facilities throughout the community.  In addition to his academic role, Dr. Wright is a board certified Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgeon, and currently Vice President for Medical Affairs with Mercy Health. 

Dr. Wright is also a decorated war veteran, having served in Iraq during Desert Storm, and retired from the US Army with the rank of Colonel.

In his free time, Creighton enjoys spending time with his wife, Carolyn, his four children and eleven grandchildren.