How does the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree awarded in the MSN-MAGELIN program compare to a BSN?

MSN-MAGELIN: Master’s Graduate Entry-Level into Nursing (formerly known as MN) is for individuals who have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree and would like to become a nurse. It prepares the student in a short period of time to take NCLEX-RN exam and enter the nursing profession. It does not prepare the nurse for advanced practice positions, such as a clinical nurse specialist or nurse practitioner. Because MSN-MAGELIN, as part of the Mount’s MSN degree program, is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education* (CCNE), some of these courses will count towards an advanced MSN degree. The BSN is a four-year degree program that also prepares a student for the NCLEX-RN and to practice nursing at the bedside.
*Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
655 K Street, NW, Suite 750
Washington, DC 20001
P: (202) 887-6791

What are the admission requirements for MSN-MAGELIN?

Please refer to admission requirements for information about MSN-MAGELIN: Master’s Graduate Entry-Level into Nursing (formerly known as MN).

Do I need to take the GRE?

No, the GRE is not accepted for admission into the MSN-MAGELIN program. 

What is the tuition and what kinds of financial aid are available?

For tuition rates, please refer to graduate tuition. The cost of the uniforms and lab fees are included in the tuition and fees. The cost of books is not included in tuition. Financial aid is available in the form of Federal Stafford Loans, Federal Grad Plus Loan and in a Low Interest Loan Plan. The Catherine Relihan Scholarship is offered to one eligible student per cohort. For more information about these options, visit financial aid or contact the Mount’s Student Administrative Services at (513) 244-4418.

When are courses offered?

Courses are offered primarily during the day; clinical experiences may take place on days, evenings, or Saturdays. Students will be in class or clinical four days per week most semesters. Preceptorship experiences may take place during the day, evenings or night shifts on weekdays, weekends, and holidays. 

How long does it take to complete MSN-MAGELIN?

MSN-MAGELIN: Master’s Graduate Entry-Level into Nursing (formerly known as MN), is completed in four consecutive full-time semesters. Cohorts begin in, January, May and August each year.

What is the application date?

MAGELIN: Master’s Graduate Entry-Level into Nursing (formerly known as MN), has rolling admission. Applications are taken until 4 weeks before the cohort start date or the cohort is at capacity. 

What prerequisite courses are required before beginning MAGELIN?

Nine prerequisite courses are required to be complete with a C or higher before beginning MSN-MAGELIN. The courses include: Anatomy and Physiology with lab (one year, must be taken within 5 years of program entry), Chemistry with Lab, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Statistics, Lifespan Development, Microbiology with Lab, Nutrition and Pathophysiology (must be taken within five years of program entry).

Where can I take my prerequisite courses?

Prerequisite courses can be obtained from any regionally accredited institution. Although not recommended for all prerequisites, you may choose to test out of some of the prerequisite courses through the CLEP examination (Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Life Span Development). 

Can I finish my prerequisites after I apply, as long they are completed before classes start?

Yes, just indicate on the prerequisite table submitted with your application, the expected date of completion. Any acceptance to MSN-MAGELIN: Master’s Graduate Entry-Level into Nursing (formerly known as MN), will be contingent on your successful completion of these prerequisite courses. Therefore, if you were unable to complete or fall below a “C” in a prerequisite course, the acceptance would be revoked.

Are prerequisites accepted if they are more than 10 years old?

Yes, with the exception of Anatomy and Physiology and Pathophysiology which need to have been completed within five years of starting MSN-MAGELIN: Master’s Graduate Entry-Level into Nursing (formerly known as MN).