What’s the difference between taking courses in the liberal arts core curriculum and majoring in Liberal Arts?

The Mount requires all students, no matter what their major, to take courses in the liberal arts and sciences. The Liberal Arts major builds upon these courses by offering deeper exploration of the liberal arts through the study of history, literature, philosophy and religious studies.

What if I want to teach high school English or history? Will this major work?

Yes, this is the degree you want since it already includes several English and history courses as part of the Liberal Arts major. The three required seminars deepen students’ skills in researching and writing, areas that are evaluated in the state teacher licensure exams. You should major in Liberal Arts with a concentration in either English or history as you work with Liberal Arts and Education faculty to complete requirements that will prepare you for a career as an English or history teacher.

How do seminar courses differ from regular courses?

These courses bring together a small number of Liberal Arts majors to work individually and as a group with a scholar from the Liberal Arts faculty to generate questions for study, research those questions from multiple perspectives, and generate original writing that produces new understanding of the topic.

What career options will this degree open up for me?

According to a recent article in Fortune magazine, “Employer surveys confirm, year after year, that the skills employers value most in the new graduates they hire are not technical, job-specific skills, but written and oral communication, problem solving and critical thinking,” the very skills and habits of mind the Liberal Arts major develops. One or more cooperative education placements will allow you to test your skills in a professional environment and gain work experience that will be attractive to employers upon graduation.

Does the Liberal Arts major prepare students for graduate studies and professional degrees?

With its strong emphasis on research, critical thinking, and close work with faculty-scholars,  the Liberal Arts major prepares students to enter a variety of graduate programs, confident that the broad, deep knowledge gained through course work in the major has laid a solid foundation that will serve them well as they pursue an advanced degree.

What if I’m not certain about which major to declare right now?

The Liberal Arts major is a perfect option if you are uncertain about your choice of major. If you continue in the Liberal Arts major, four courses you take for the core curriculum will also count for the major. You will be part of a lively Liberal Arts community of students and faculty, and your faculty advisor will guide you as you consider which major at the Mount is the best fit for you.