What are admission requirements for the graduate program in Education?

Please see admission requirements.

How long will it take to complete the graduate program?

From 15 to 24 months depending on the program, personal motivation, and part time or full time attendance.

What can I do with a graduate degree in Education?

All of our teaching majors also include a licensure piece as well as the Graduate degree which allows the graduate to work in a school setting in specific areas of licensure. The graduate programs provide intense preparation over and above the undergraduate program to provide exceptional teacher preparation for any educational setting.

Is the GRE required?

The GRE  is required if your undergraduate GPA is lower than 3.0.

If I am only interested in teacher licensure, do I still need to apply and be accepted as a graduate student?


Do I need an undergraduate degree in education to be accepted in graduate education programs?


What is the difference between the traditional master’s and TEAM programs?

TEAM is an intensive program that runs as a cohort and can be completed in as little as 15 months. The traditional format master’s program allows greater flexibility and can be undertaken at the student’s own pace.  A student has up to five years to complete any master’s program at the Mount.

What’s the cost per credit hour?

Refer to the current tuition rates.

How many credit hours will it take to earn licensure?

This varies greatly by licensure area.  Contact the School of Education for more information.

Can I continue working while pursuing graduate study in education?

It depends. You can work while enrolled in the traditional master’s programs, TEAM-AYA, and TEAM-MSE. However, you cannot work during TEAM-IEC, which is a full-time apprenticeship and master’s program. Also, all graduate education programs require observation hours and field experiences at local K-12 schools. Required hours vary by program.

Can someone in the department review my credentials prior to application?

Official transcript review is available upon application. If you have program-specific questions, make an appointment to see the respective program director.

What is the application deadline?

Traditional master’s programs have a rolling admission process. TEAM cohorts typically begin in May with an application deadline of March 1. The TEAM-MSE program is offered in January and in May.

What about the PRAXIS exam?

Graduate students must successfully pass Praxis II exams before they can student teach.

Are there any required prerequisite courses for admission?

No, only a bachelor’s degree. TEAM-AYA requires 30 semester hours in undergraduate math or science. A valid Ohio teacher’s license is required to add a second license or endorsement.

When are courses offered?

Graduate courses in education are typically offered evenings, Saturdays, or online.

Can I transfer previous graduate coursework into a graduate program in Education?

You may transfer up to nine semester hours of graduate credit. The coursework must be less than 10 years old with a grade of C or better. All graduate transfer requests are subject to the approval of the Graduate Education Department chair.