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News Article Feature 1 September 5, 2019

Mount St. Joseph University Kicks Off Centennial Celebration Sept. 14.

Centennial Kickoff Celebration features live music, food trucks, and fireworks.

Mount St. Joseph News August 22, 2019

Mount St. Joseph University Welcomes Best-Selling Author for Free Public Talk on Faith and Science

In celebration of its centennial year and its commitment to encouraging critical thinking across the liberal arts and sciences, Mount St. Joseph University will welcome Alan Lightman to campus on Thursday, October 3, 2019.

Mount St. Joseph News August 20, 2019

MSJ and UC School of Law Launch 3+3 Program to Transition Students to Law School Sooner

New program launched to transition students to law school sooner.

Mount St. Joseph News August 13, 2019

Amy Rainwaters ‘16 MSOL #LegacyofaLion

Amy Rainwaters ’16 MSOL used her degree to springboard her #LegacyofaLion to a new role of coaching others to achieve personal success.

close up of cicada May 8, 2019

Yes...Cicadas are Coming

Periodical cicadas are coming to northeastern Ohio and there is now a way to track, to photograph, and to help map these interesting insects on an mobile phone app created by cicada experts.