Naming Scholarships | Mount St. Joseph University

Throughout its 96-year history, Mount St. Joseph University has remained committed to ensuring that qualified students can reap the benefits of a Mount education. With growing enrollment and steadily rising costs, the need for scholarships to assist deserving students is even more critical.

Below are general guidelines for establishing a named scholarship at the Mount. Specific criteria and means of funding can be tailored to meet donors' desires and the University's legal and academic requirements.

Benefits of the Scholarship

The Student

Scholarships open doors to rich, rewarding and productive lives for deserving students who need assistance. They provide the inspiration and financial means to pursue a college education for students who otherwise may be unable to attend the Mount.

The Donor

An endowed scholarship is a tribute to a donor's generosity, care, and foresight. It allows the donor to have a lasting impact on the Mount and its students.

The University

Scholarships enable the Mount to attract the best students, regardless of their financial resources. An academically strong student body enhances the entire academic community.

Naming the Scholarship

Naming the scholarship for yourself, a family member, or other important person establishes a living memorial. The name can also convey the specific intent of the scholarship; e.g., "The Virginia Smith Scholarship for Communication Arts."

Criteria for the Scholarship

It is possible to designate scholarship funds for students who meet certain criteria. Such restrictions must meet legal requirements regarding equal access.

Investment of the Scholarship

The University invests money that endows the scholarship. Each year, a deserving student who meets the scholarship criteria receives a percentage of the accrued interest, while the remaining interest is added to the principal. This investment policy allows the scholarship to grow and exist in perpetuity.

Funding the Scholarship

A minimum of $50,000 is required to establish a partial scholarship and $500,000 to endow a full scholarship. You can fund the scholarship by an outright gift of cash, other assets, or by deferred gift. You can build an endowment through multiple gifts over a period of time. Often, fulfillment of the scholarship is ensured through a bequest.

Contact Information

For more information, contact: Institutional Advancement at (513) 244-4871, or (800) 654-9314 ext. 4871.