Information on tuition and other costs associated with attending Mount St. Joseph University.

Undergraduate Tuition

Full-time, undergraduate tuition for the 2014-2015 academic year for Mount students taking 12-18 credit hours costs $25,850 for the year or $12,925 for the semester. Learn more about the tuition and fees associated with an undergraduate degree.

Graduate Tuition

Graduate tuition varies depending on the program that interests you. Learn more about the tuition and fees associated with a graduate degree.

Individualized attention

Applying for and receiving financial aid can be a tricky process, but we’re here to help. The Office of Student Administrative Services looks forward to working with you to explore all your financial aid options. We're here to answer your questions about university costs and eligibility for financial assistance including scholarships, grants, loans and more.

Payment Options

At the Mount we offer alternatives to paying your tuition in full. Learn how an interest-free monthly payment plan and tuition deferment can make paying tuition easier.

Room Rates

At the Mount, we offer three options for residence life: East and West, Center Suites and South East. Find out about the cost of residence living and how to select a room.

Meal Plans

All students who live in the Residence Halls must select a meal plan. Learn more about dining at the Mount in our Fifth Third Bank Hall.


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