Dateline is the student newspaper of Mount St. Joseph University. The paper is published monthly and features the latest events and views on campus.

Hanging on to High School Friends

by: Libby Odenbeck

Adapting to college can be tricky, since there are so many things that are now different and have changed since you walked the halls of high school. Read the complete story.

Open Mic Night Packs Them In, Once Again

by: Monica Brucher

Three Mount students reflect on the experience of Open Mic Night held March 31 featuring student comedy, singing and instrumentals. Read the complete story.


by: Weston Atchison

In a time of college being portrayed by the media as a place where kids go to party, make bad decisions, and not care about classes, Mount St. Joseph University stood alone with unlimited potential to me while I was making my decision of where to further my education. Read the complete story.

Comment Submission for HLC Accreditation Review

The accrediting body for post-secondary educational institutions of the United States, the Higher Learning Commission, will visit the Mount this October. In preparation for this visit, the Mount is seeking comments from the public about the University. Read the complete story.

Mount Yoga Slows Down the Busy Pace

by: Amanda Gratsch

The University Theatre Lobby is quiet, as relaxation and mental clarity sweeps over the space. A mix of 20 students, faculty and staff engage themselves on their mats as they begin to wind down to discover a mental and physical connection between the mind and body. Read the complete story.

How to Live on your Own

by: Andrea Elchynski

You know the day is coming. The day when you box up your old pictures from prom, clothing, and that stack of magazines you can’t seem to get rid of. You venture into the “real world” in hopes of becoming a fully functioning member of society. Read the complete story.