Dateline is the student newspaper of Mount St. Joseph University. The paper is published monthly and features the latest events and views on campus.

The Search for the Mount's Future Begins

by Josh Zeller

It is an exciting and transitory time for Mount St. Joseph University as the search for a new university president begins with the school year. Read more.

Mount to Host Important Visitors

by Diana Davis

The Mount has just recently completed and submitted its report and is scheduled for a site visit from the Higher Learning Commission on Monday, Oct. 5, and Tuesday, Oct. 6. Read more. 

Hear Me Roar! Introducing the New MSJ Geofilter

by Alyssa McCreadie

While applications like Instagram allow us to take selfies and slap on filters that alter color or contrast to enhance our appearance, Snapchat takes a much different approach to the medium – it’s quick, painless and the pictures aren’t even permanent. Read more.

Let's Talk About Drunk Driving

by Weston Atchison

Since the Mount is such a small, tight-knit community among students, any loss can be felt throughout the campus. In tough times our school community, faculty, staff and students all seem to come closer together. Read more.

The Big Green Screen

by Monica Brucher

The Mount is headed to the big screen. The green screen, that is. Read more.

What Will the Mount's Legacy Be?

by Ryan Korengel

In my short time as a student at Mount St. Joseph University, I have realized that it is a shame that this school rarely gets the recognition it deserves as a special environment for higher education. Read more.