Dateline is the student newspaper of Mount St. Joseph University. The paper is published monthly and features the latest events and views on campus.

Fall Functions Around Town

By: Jessica Mazzei

Excited for Autumn? Check out the following fall events that are happening around Cincinnati. Read the complete story.

Freshman Golfer Brings Fresh Perspective

By: Wes Atchison

This year the Lion’s Men’s Golf team welcomed a one-of-a-kind golfer, freshman Ryan Korengel. Read the complete story.

When Identity Theft Hits Home

By: Danielle Scholl

Recent stories of huge data breaches and hacks bring identity theft to the public eye over and over again, but until it affects you personally, you likely don’t realize the extensive headaches it can cause. Read the complete story.

Networking Opportunity Coming to Cincinnati in October

By: Peter Gillaspy

A group in Cincinnati is hoping to make the city a warm and inviting place for businessmen and women to live and work, all while meeting other interesting professionals. Read the complete story.

Sister of Charity with Ties to Cincinnati Considered for Sainthood

By: Robert Schaich

Sister Blandina Segale, a Sister of Charity with strong ties to Cincinnati, is officially being considered for sainthood by the Catholic Church. Read the complete story.

Step out of your comfort zone: Study abroad

By: Camie Keets

What better way to discover who you are than by exploring a new country, while furthering your college education? Read the complete story.

Education at Work Comes to Mount Campus

By: Amanda Gratsch

Education at Work is a nonprofit organization formed to help reduce student debt. The Mount will soon bring its Education at Work Contact Center program to the campus. Read the complete story.

Peter Block speaks on campus

By: Jennifer Smith

Peter Block’s work has been prominent in the field of reconciliation of communities and organizational development. Read the complete story.