Dateline is the student newspaper of Mount St. Joseph University. The paper is published monthly and features the latest events and views on campus.


Baseball, Softball Teams Look to Rebuild

By: Matthew Morris

It is that time of year once again ladies and gentlemen, the winter season is coming to an end and spring is almost here, which can only mean one thing: baseball/softball season is here! Read more.

Book Review: Shine out of Bedlam by the Mount’s Jeff Hillard

By: Megan Simmermeyer

Jeff Hillard’s new YA novel Shine out of Bedlam follows a cast of colorful characters through 1968 Bedlam, Ohio, following the shocking burning of the Empire warehouse. Read more.

Charissa Qiu, New Ministry Coordinator on Campus

By: Josh Zeller

Qiu (pronounced CHEW) grew up in Singapore, an eternally hot and humid country just south of Malaysia. Read more.

A Reflection on Study Abroad in London

By: London Bishop

February is turning into March, and for the American students at Richmond American International University in London, the semester abroad is almost half over. Read more.

Alternative Spring Break Trip to Spark Change

By: Monica Brucher

With spring break quickly approaching, many students are asking themselves: “Where am I going?” Read more.

Review: Nocturnal Animals: A Gripping Tale Tied into One Ultimate Reality

By: Mike Mullin

“When you love someone you have to be careful with it, you might never get it again,” mutters one of the main characters at the tail end of Nocturnal Animals, the second directed by fashion designer Tom Ford. Read more.

A Night with the Salesian Guild

By: Brittany Hein

The Salesian Guild—named after St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of writers—is a unique organization of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, for it only meets once a year, a tradition that has been flourishing since 1944. Read more.

Music Review: “We the Migos"

By: Matthew Morris

In today’s society, music has an enormous impact on people and their personal and social lives. Read more.

Solar Paneling: Perhaps the Sisters’ Most Charitable Mission Yet

By: Sasha Feldmann

Environmental pollution may be one of the most severe and most pressing issues afflicting the earth, and yet it can easily be said to be one of the most ignored. Read more.

Should Valentine’s Day Get a New Name?

By: Sarah Campbell

Valentine’s Day is a topic of debate, in today’s society: Is it a real holiday? Read more.

Opinion: What If There Were No ‘Enemy of the American People’?

By: Josh Zeller

For some time now, President Donald Trump has been well-known for his war against the media, but his Feb. 17 battle-tweet brought it to a climax. Read more.

Fraternity Aims to Make the Mount a Better Place

By: Ryan Korengel

Over a year after joining the fraternity, it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Read more.

A Writer, in All Places: The Mount’s Writing Center

By: Danielle Watkins

Many students at the Mount rely heavily on The Writing Center and The Math & Science Center for everything from homework help to test preparation. Read more.