Earn a Master of Business Administration degree with courses only on Saturday mornings.

The Saturday MBA is a great program for working professionals who want to further develop the technical knowledge, skills, and abilities that differentiates the person with an MBA in the workforce.  The program is paced for the working adult where students can conveniently earn an MBA  degree in just over two years taking courses one at a time on Saturday mornings. 

Saturday MBA courses are led by faculty who are experts in their areas with years of practical experience to lend.  Ten courses meet for seven weeks and two  meet for 14 weeks.  


                         FALL 2014
 Session 1  Corporate, Legal, & Ethical Responsibility
 Session 2  Marketing for Management
                                           Break 10/18, 11/29 (Thanksgiving Weekend)
                        WINTER/SPRING 2015
 Session 1  Team Building & Group Dynamics
 Session 2  Managing Innovation & Technology
                                           Break 3/14, 4/4 (Easter)
                        SUMMER 2015
 Session 1 Project & Operations Management
 Session 2  Leadership Seminar I
                                            Break 7/4, 8/22, 9/5
                         FALL 2015
 Session 1  Managerial Accounting 
 Session 2  Leadership in Organizations
                                             Break 10/24, 11/28 (Thanksgiving weekend)
                         WINTER/SPRING 2016
 Session 1  Managerial Finance 
 Session 2 Leadership Seminar II
                                             Break 3/12, 3/26 (Easter Weekend)
                          SUMMER 2016
 Session 1  Global Economic Issues
 Session 2  Strategic Management
                                              Break 7/2


The Saturday MBA requires five foundational courses: Principles of Accounting, Corporate Finance, Statistics, Management/Organizational Behavior or Principles of Marketing, and a course in Economics (Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, or Economical Issues.  These courses are available in Saturday and/or evening formats.

To learn more about admission to the Saturday Master of Business Administration program, read admission requirements.

For more information, email mba@msj.edu or contact Mary Brigham, Assistant Director for Graduate Admission, at (513) 244-4233.