We offer a variety of tuition payment options.

After you've registered for classes and printed your student bill, subtract your financial aid, minus any loan fees, to arrive at your out-of-pocket costs. Payments for out-of-pocket costs are due at the published confirmation date before each semester.

Following are options for out-of-pocket costs if you're unable to pay them immediately.

Payment Plan

Mount St. Joseph University offers an interest-free monthly payment plan with Tuition Management Systems. Tuition Management Systems allows students and parents to budget all or part of their educational expenses over manageable monthly payments instead of a semester lump-sum payment.

There is a nominal fee to participate in the program.  For additional information, please contact Tuition Management Systems at 888-285-3052.

Tuition Deferment Plan

Students eligible to receive employer tuition reimbursement may participate in the Mount's Tuition Deferment Plan.

You must complete The Tuition Deferment Form before each semester to be eligible for deferment. Check out our forms and applications page to download this form.

Note: A confirmation payment of one-third of total costs, plus a non-refundable $15 administration fee, must be paid before the confirmation deadline each semester. Also, a photo copy of the employer's tuition reimbursement policy stating eligibility for reimbursement must be submitted.