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We’re Not Just Your Grandma’s School

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Many families share traditions. Christmas tree trimming parties. Chocolate birthday cakes. Brides wearing their mothers’ wedding dresses. 

For the Posey family, their tradition includes a Mount education.

“It’s been such a big part of my life,” said Corey Burdine, a 2014 graduate with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies. 

At the Mount’s commencement on May 10, Burdine became the Posey family’s fourth generation of her family to graduate from the Mount. Her grandfather, Michael Posey, graduated from the Mount in 1979. Her great-grandmother, Pearline Posey Jones, graduated in 1996. Corey’s mother, Marchelle, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1998 and with a MSOL (master’s degree in organizational leadership) in 2007.

Burdine said it was a natural decision when she was a high school senior to come to the Mount. “Since so many of my family members came here, that definitely played a big role in my decision. I was familiar with it. It was part of my upbringing.”

Burdine embraced her college years at the Mount. She was active in student groups, such as the Black Student Union, and had co-op experiences to prepare her for her future. 

“My family has been blessed,” she said. “I hope my kids will someday be able to have the same experience.”

Corey Burdine lives in Westwood and the rest of her family has stayed on the west side.