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The Scholar: History in the Making

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By: Michael Schiavetta

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“Ambition without direction” is how Mount history major Johnathon Ewing, ’17, described himself in high school. That all changed when he joined the Mount.

Ewing quickly discovered a passion for history, stemming from his interest in studying U.S. foreign relations. “From there, learning about other cultures inspired me to dig deeper into history and look at the overall world view as opposed to just that of an American,” he says.

He expanded his academic and professional goals with a minor in leadership and civic engagement, giving him the skills to better connect with people. Ewing plans to use his knowledge of history to educate others and help them better understand the world we share, perhaps as a politician or teacher.

Never one to pass up an opportunity, he joined a group of Mount classmates on a two-week trip to England. “We stayed in flats on the west side of London every night, and had the chance to visit four cities outside of London itself,” Ewing says. “Aside from the trip being a great experience and lots of fun, it supplemented my professional goals by immersing me in another culture to gain a greater global perspective.”

But college life isn’t just about academics—it’s also about planning for the future. Ewing is also enrolled in the Mount’s Talent Opportunity Program (TOP) to cultivate skills required of every global professional, learning proper etiquette and attire for the 21st-century marketplace, and gaining a greater understanding of how Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms can give him an edge in the highly competitive job market. “After being given the tools and knowledge on what being a professional means, I was able to confidently attend networking events put on by TOP and make connections for future employment,” he says.

For Ewing, the Mount is all about facing challenges and embracing transformation, moving outside his comfort zone to ignite passion, potential and perspective. He adds: “From thinking in new ways to being inspired to do new things, the Mount has given me the skills for life after graduation."

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