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The Entrepreneur: Open for Business

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By: Michael Schiavetta

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Livestock is easy. Business is hard. That was the attitude of Mount business administration major Joseph Williams ’17 working on his family’s farm in Moores Hill, Indiana. In 2013, while a Mount student, he launched Circle J Farm, 10 acres of land featuring dozens of ducks, llamas and sheep.

“I grew up knowing animal husbandry,” he says. “It was more of the business angle that was difficult for me. Before attending the Mount, I was very naive in regards to business and the professional world. I had no idea what to expect in the ‘real’ world, but I was eager to learn.” 

Williams didn’t let his lack of business knowledge hold him back. In fact, like any good entrepreneur, he embraced challenge and turned it into opportunity. This helped him determine his own Mount path as he pursued a degree in business administration. His marketing classes have taught him how to sell his livestock faster and at better prices as his farm continues to grow. He has designed spreadsheets to track costs and revenue, and uses Facebook to post pictures and ads about animals for sale.

“Learning how to sell my sheep and ducks through social media really helps,” he adds. 

One of the things that attracted him to the Mount was its small class sizes. That means more personalized learning experiences with professors, who also serve as mentors while students cultivate personal and professional growth opportunities.

For entrepreneurs like Williams, communication is a key trait to attract new business and network with others. “Not only did I take a class in business communication, but Mount professors and staff continually helped me practice my communication skills,” he says.

“Communication is truly the root of a good businessperson, and the Mount gave me a great foundation to grow from. Now I’m ready to see how far I can go.”

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