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Psychology Alumni Success Stories: Mike and Jen

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Our graduates have entered a wide variety of careers with their bachelor's degree in psychology, including positions related to mental health, human resources, education, child development, psychological research, and mediation of business-related disputes. 

Others pursued graduate study to become professional psychologists in areas such as clinical, school, developmental, industrial/organizational, and sports psychology. Some of our graduates obtained professional degrees in related areas, such as law, education, and social services.

Below are examples of careers and further education that two of our graduates have pursued:

Mike Whalen '09

Clinical Research Coordinator II, Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Medical Center

Whalen works for the Asthma Research Department as a clinical research coordinator. This research involves children, from 5 to 18 years old, who come to the emergency department of Children's Hospital suffering from an asthma attack. The research examines reactions of a child's nasal and saliva cells shortly after the attack and also 7 to 10 days later. Whalen is responsible for recruiting children eligible for the study and collecting cell samples.

Also, Mike is responsible for organizing future visits to Children's Hospital for eligible participants, and subsequent entry of all data recorded. He began his career as a student co-op for the Cardiology Department, researching quality of life among young cardiology patients, while attending the Mount. Mike found his Research I and II classes and interactions with professors at the Mount very helpful in preparing him for his job at Children's Hospital.

Jen Esterman '06

Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology

Jen is in a doctoral program (Psy.D.) in clinical psychology at Wright State University's School of Professional Psychology. It is a four year program plus a year of internship. Starting the second year, students work for a year at a practicum site that is contracted with the school. For example, last year Jen worked for a program conducting psychological assessments, and this year she is working at a community mental health agency providing therapy for children and adults with a wide range of mental health issues (post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, etc.).

She says that the Mount classes that helped her the most were the statistics and research classes, Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology, Counseling Theories, and Cognition and Memory, to name a few. Jen believes these classes gave her excellent background knowledge for the classes she is currently taking or have taken in her graduate program.