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Mercy Mukiri, ’18, hails from Meru, Kenya, a medium-sized town nestled in the foothills of Mount Kenya. While Meru and home might seem far away, Mukiri says during her time at Mount St. Joseph University, she has encountered a supportive community that offers numerous student and extracurricular experiences. For her, the campus quickly became her home away from home as she began pursuing her undergraduate degree in Mathematics/Financial Economics with a Computer Science Minor.

Immersion into Campus Life

Upon arriving at the Mount, Mukiri noted how welcoming the campus felt. “Being not from around, I received great support from the Mount community, which I needed, especially during my first days in the country,” she says. And as she continued pursing her degree, Mukiri quickly familiarized herself with campus and the surrounding area.

She joined a variety of student organizations like Campus Activities Board, Residence Hall Council, and Math and Computing Club, while also taking the opportunity to attend the annual mission trip to New Orleans to work with locals. “I have been able to step out of my comfort zone,” she says, as she reflects on her Mount experience.

Outside of classes and student organizations, Mukiri found ample opportunity to attend the sporting events at the Mount, and she has enjoyed the campus’ close proximity to downtown Cincinnati where she discovered more venues for her favorite sports, as well as opportunities to relax and take a break from classes.

A Greater Sense of Professionalism

Despite pursing her major in a foreign country, Mukiri hasn’t hesitated to take on a work study and co-ops in addition to her involvement with student organizations. She has been a student worker with the ISS Help Desk on campus, and co-oped with Elder High School and the Ohio Justice and Policy Center. “These [co-ops] pushed me to give my best, so as to produce my best work possible,” she says. “There is always peace at the end of the day when I go to bed knowing I couldn’t have done anything differently if the day were repeated.”

Through her experiences, Mukiri says that she has gained a greater sense of professionalism, a trait that she felt she lacked from having had little work experience prior to her college education. But after her work study and two co-ops, she feels confident in her ability to enter into her career and excel.

Looking Forward

While Mukiri plans to eventually move back to Kenya, her plans following graduation remain open-ended. She aspires to venture into finance because it merges both math and business, two fields she feels passionate about. But she also plans to use her position to give back to her community.

With all her experiences—both professional and extracurricular—Mukiri believes she will graduate well-prepared for her future. “Overall, I feel like I am receiving a well-rounded quality education,” she says. “[A]nd I am grateful for that.”

During her years at the Mount, Mercy Mukiri has found the Mount fosters a community of support and opportunity, whether inside or outside the classroom. She says, “Classroom learning and co-op experiences helped in my journey towards my financial career, while through service learning and volunteer work I get to explore various ways in which I can give back.”

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