Mount St. Joseph University

Building Connections: Recent Graduate Applauds Online Reading Science Program


By: Amanda Gratsch

Congratulations to Lindsey Depra, who graduated this May from the Mount's Online Reading Science program!

She received her dual bachelor's in Deaf Education and Art Education with a third certification in Elementary Education, and currently works as a teacher at DePaul School for Hearing and Speech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she teaches Reading and Language Intervention, Art, and runs the Learning Lab which focuses on Writing and Technology.

After seeing many of her students struggle with reading and language, Depra wanted more skill development so she could provide them the best education possible, seeking out a nationally recognized program based in this method so she could further develop her skills.  She wanted a program that went simply beyond "earning another certificate" or just receiving credits, and immediately chose the Mount's program for its flexibility and strong reputation in supporting and accommodating its students.

"I wanted something that was influential to my development as a teacher. Additionally, as someone who is Deaf and has multiple chronic illnesses which requires multiple doctors' appointments and treatments, I needed a program which was flexible, structured, supportive, and accommodating to my life situations.”

Recently, Depra was awarded with the Challenge Award, an award the Mount offers to a deserving student exemplifying strength in the face of difficulty. When joining the online program at the Mount, Depra never expected the level of connections and support she would receive from her professors and the other students in her program. Receiving the Challenge Award made her realize the depth of connections she has made and how fortunate she is to have had such influential professionals.  She wasn't simply a number in the program, but someone whose life experiences impacted her commitment to learning.

"The connections that I have made are equally if not more impactful than as if I was on campus,” she says. “When I found out that my professors nominated me for this award, I realized how blessed I am to have entered this program and to have met and worked with professionals who value me as a person. To have people recognize and value all of the components that shape me as a person is a tremendous honor and blessing. There is no way I could have accomplished what I have though without my professors' support, encouragement, and dedication to my learning."