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A Jump Ahead

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By: Sasha Feldmann

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Junior Darien Bradley is no stranger to getting a head start. A Sport Management major and a student-athlete, he is enrolled in the Mount’s 4+1 MBA program to earn his bachelor’s degree and his Master of Business Administration degree in only 5 years. Also working as a co-op student, Darien has made significant progress in his career plans well before he graduates.

Playing to Win

Darien is in the School of Business. He wasn’t expecting to find, through his major, that sports organizations are run very similarly to other businesses. He has always been a sports fan, even playing on the men’s volleyball team at the Mount, but he is even more fascinated by the work behind the scenes.

Having worked sporting events at the Mount, Darien decided to take his preparation a step further. He now co-ops as a sports writer in the Athletics Office at the Mount, earning additional college credits while exploring the multitude of career options available in the field of sports writing and sport management.

The Long Game

Darien chose to enroll in the 4+1 MBA program because it gave him an opportunity to continue his co-op position and expedite his schooling, which he feels will only give him an advantage in his career journey. The curriculum challenges students to strengthen and apply their knowledge in core business areas such as managerial finance, accounting, economics, marketing, and leadership.

Though unsure exactly what he wants to do when he graduates, Darien plans to return to his hometown of Las Vegas and use his experience to work with one of the sports teams he loves there, such as the Golden Knights, Aces, Lights, or the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders. “Go out and find ways to better yourself, because there are opportunities all over campus,” he advises potential students, “You just have to be open to them.”