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The Campus Ministry Club is a student club that seeks to encourage discussion and faith-sharing, as well as build community on campus through hosting events that promote spiritual growth and a sense of community. Individuals of all backgrounds are welcome! Current programs include:

Project Neighbor

Project Neighbor provides an opportunity for students to gather and have informal peer-led discussions bi-monthly about issues of interest over food and drink. In the fall of 2017, topics included online dating, violence and video games, the culture of Black Friday shopping, the significance of kneeling during the National Anthem, and navigating balance in college life. Students of all backgrounds, ideologies and beliefs are welcome to participate, with the hope that respectful dialogue in the face of differing opinions can be promoted on campus, to contribute toward a culture of acceptance and understanding through story-telling.

Shantytown (April 20-21, 2018)

This Shantytown event is an opportunity of students to learn about the experience of homelessness in our city through interactive activities, service, as well as the experience of building their own shelter for the night out of cardboard boxes, in solidarity with those around our city who face this reality every day. This event is a collaboration with the Office of Campus Ministry and the Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter.

Winter Jam Concert (February 17, 2018)

Join the Campus Ministry Student club for a high energy night of praise and worship with Christian bands and artists such as Skillet, Newsong, Kari Jobe, and more at the U.S. Bank Arena!

Chicago Interfaith Leadership Institute

The Campus Ministry Club Executive Board spent a weekend at the Chicago Interfaith Leadership Institute in August 2017, hosted by the Interfaith Youth Core, learning about what it means to be an interfaith advocate and why interfaith dialogue is so important in our society today. They also had the chance to meet student leaders from all around the U.S., connecting with them and learning from them.

2017-2018 Executive Board

Project Neighbor Leader: Sarah Gravunder
Shantytown & Winter Jam Leader: Hannah Broermann
Praise & Worship Leader: Cory Hardin
Treasurer: Kevin Polking
Fundraising Leader: Christian Combs




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