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Mount Sophomore discusses Benefits of Education at Work Program

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By: Amanda Gratsch

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Girl receiving an award.

Mount St. Joseph University recently hosted its ribbon-cutting ceremony last Thursday to celebrate the launch of Education at Work, an on-campus student contact center.

Education At Work is a non-profit organizational contact center that exclusively employs college students to help them earn money to manage the cost of their education, while at the same time gaining the foundational job skills and education needed to compete for 21st century jobs.

Mount St. Joseph University has recently expanded the program on campus by opening an on-campus contact center location. It offers employment opportunities to its students in order to provide them with a paycheck while decreasing university tuition costs. 

Alexis Benjamin, a sophomore at the Mount chose the Education at Work Program based on its mission to reward students with a tuition reimbursement and hourly pay, while providing students with flexibility and career-building skills. 

Benjamin joined the program in August 2014 as a customer service agent for Macy’s Department store, and likes how accommodating they are with her busy schedule.

“I like the flexibility. I was able to change my work schedule to fit better with my school and study schedule. While majoring in Early Childhood Education and doing service-learning on top of 17 credit hours, this schedule allowed me to have the flexibility I needed with my heavy school load,” says Benjamin.

Additionally, she says the Education at Work program is highly convenient now that it expanded to the Mount.  Mount students previously employed by the nonprofit had to commute to the original site in Norwood, but now the location is only five minutes away for those who live on campus. This allows more time for other activities.

Another benefit of the program is the opportunity to build professional skills, especially for a resume says Benjamin.

“You learn how to professionally build customer service skills and problem-solving strategies,” she says.  “It’s not just answering phones. It’s an opportunity to see the real workforce to develop your career skills, which is a great resume-builder.”

Required to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA, Benjamin will receive $3,000 in tuition assistance this semester and will receive another $3,000 at the end of the spring semester.  As a result, it will help her graduate with less debt and an extra paycheck. Benjamin is encouraged to do well academically not just because of the assistance and pay, but so she can receive the real-world experience from her job. 

“It’s encouraging to do well in school, and to do well at my job,” Benjamin says.

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