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The Career and Experiential Center is excited to launch the new Talent Opportunity Program (TOP) this month.  With headlines of underemployed college students routinely making national news, the Mount has created TOP, an innovative program designed to add elevated career development opportunities to students who enroll.  Students who enroll in the program and achieve gold level, but are unable to find a professional job within six months of graduation, will receive an additional package of career coaching services led by PROMARK—absolutely free. 

 “We firmly believe that our students’ well-rounded education, coupled with opportunities from co-op and service learning experiences, put them right in line to land professional jobs after graduation.  We have co-op positions for every major which gives all students a chance to earn money while getting hands-on experience,” said Dr. Tony Aretz, president of the Mount.

“The Mount guarantees students who complete the gold level of TOP will be career ready.  If they don’t find a professional job within six months after graduation, then it’s on our dime to get them additional career services.”

This program will help our graduates be career ready, ultimately preparing them find employment upon graduation.  Students will achieve one of three levels in TOP:  bronze, silver, or gold, by participating in a variety of career events, leadership opportunities, and professional development courses.

According to a national study in 2011 by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 59% of new graduates were employed full-time within six to eight months of graduation.  The Mount’s most recent employment survey of its 2012 graduates shows that the employment success rate is 83.5% and 88% for students who participated in co-op jobs. 

It is important for students to think about their future.  TOP is an excellent opportunity for students to further develop their skills and professionalism to ensure success upon graduation.  Enrollment in TOP is open to all full time students, regardless of year or major.  Although it may be challenging for a junior or senior to achieve gold level, students are still encouraged to enroll.  As a former Mount student, I can attest that achieving any level of TOP demonstrates to employers that a student went above and beyond to become career ready—and how much going the extra mile means to employers.  

Enrollment in the program is open until November 1 on myMount; a link for the application can be found under the “General Announcements” section and will take less than 30 seconds to complete. 

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Brittany Arthur, TOP Advisor, at 244-4217.