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Two Graduating Seniors Land Jobs at Disney World

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By: Sasha Feldmann

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photo of students
Students Hannah Nartker and Cheyenne Burress

For many, a trip to Disney World is a vacation or a favorite childhood memory. For a few select others, like Mount St. Joseph University 2018 graduates Cheyenne Burress and Hannah Nartker, it’s a dream-come-true job in the Disney College Program. It’s also exactly what they planned to do after graduating.

Cheyenne will report to Disney World in Orlando, Fla., in early June, while Hannah heads south in September. Both will be working at Disney World for a six-month assignment, which could lead to even more opportunities in Disney's Internship Program. Both Cheyenne and Hannah couldn’t be more excited.

Their families and Kathy Grant in the Mount’s Career and Experiential Education Center couldn’t be more proud. Cheyenne and Hannah were selected for the Disney College Program from a candidate pool of 25,000 applicants at more than 2,000 colleges and universities.

Cheyenne has her sights set on working as many different positions at Disney World as she can. A business management major from Dillsboro, Ind., Burress hopes to work her way through Disney World and eventually be hired as an events manager. She knows how many doors this incredible opportunity will open for her. “I can’t wait to get started,” Burress says, “I know this will take my career path to the next level.”

Hannah, a biochemistry major from Cincinnati, researched the entire application process and worked with Kathy Grant to sharpen her phone interview skills. She can hardly wait to find out what her assignment will be, and she hopes to gain some experience working in Disney World's Animal Kingdom or Epcot. "The opportunity to work at my favorite place is something that I have wished for and worked towards for a very long time." Hannah says.

The Disney College Program not only provides job experience in Disney’s parks and resorts but also offers company-sponsored housing and the option to take post-graduate courses.

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