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A LifePrep Toolkit for Beginners



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Making the leap from high school to college can be difficult. For most, it’s the first terrifying step toward becoming a true adult and preparing for the rest of your life. You have to choose a college, choose a major, choose a dorm, meal plan, and so much more. Sometimes the choices you have to make are difficult and stressful, and to be honest, adulting is hard.

Mount St. Joseph University’s services help make the transition into adulthood a little less scary. We have a Learning Center, where students can receive tutoring in difficult subjects; HPAC, where future healthcare professionals can receive guidance in planning their class schedule; PA Pathways, where upcoming PA students can be advised; and a Wellness Center, where students can go for their physical and mental well-being. These help students learn how to adapt to their new college environment and provide instruction when college adulting becomes difficult.

The Learning Center, one of the most prominent services at the Mount, is open to all students, including graduate and non-traditional. At the Learning Center, students can receive one-on-one assistance from tutors in every academic area—from writing to mathematics and science. They can even help students learn how to study on their own by teaching them basic skills, such as time management and goal-setting, needed for success in the classroom, and later, the workplace.

While the Learning Center helps with all majors, the Health Profession Advisory Committee (or HPAC) is more specialized. HPAC advises undergraduate students who wish to pursue a health care career after graduating from the Mount. A member of the Committee will help students design a course of study that is best suited to their specific career goals, whether in pharmacology, medicine, or veterinary science. The Committee will advise the student every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition from college to career.

Similar to HPAC, the PA Scholar Pathways aides undergraduate students interested in a career as a Physician Assistant. PA Pathways helps students design an undergraduate course schedule that enables them to work toward attending graduate PA school. The Mount’s PA program is now accepting applications for the first cohort of our new Physician Assistant Program, beginning January 2018. Applications will be accepted through March 1, 2017, via the CASPA link on our site.

If all the academics and adulting begin to cause anxiety and stress, the Wellness Center can offer assistance and is open to all students. Counseling services are available Monday through Friday and are headed by a professional staff dedicated to offering students a safe space for individual, relationship, or other counseling. Physical health services are also available and are provided by a full-time registered nurse and medical assistant, but physicians are available by appointment.

For more information about the Learning Center, HPAC, PA Pathways, and the Wellness Center follow the links, and visit the Mount’s Resources page for more helpful programs designed to help all Mount students prepare for adult life and transform their college career into something that will last a lifetime.

And stay tuned for more “LifePrep” posts this summer to learn about the Mount’s unique services!