Mount St. Joseph University

The Long (and Long-awaited) Christmas Break

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Sarah Campbell

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We have all been counting down the days until the long-awaited Christmas break begins.  Endless papers to write, exams to study for, and quizzes lead up to finals week and then begins an almost six week break from courses.

Our Winter Break this year begins on Dec. 9 and the Spring Semester begins on Jan 17.  Since spring graduation has to fall on Mother’s day weekend, our Winter Break had to be longer, to align with Mother’s Day Weekend—a tradition for spring graduation here at the Mount.

That is over a month off of school filled with sleeping, no homework, hanging out with family and friends, holiday traditions and anxiously awaiting the dreaded end of break.  Whether you are watching Netflix all break or working, it will go by too fast.

A poll on Twitter determined “What our Lions are doing over Christmas break.”  25% answered “Netflix and sleeping,” 10% are “going on a trip,” 35% are “working,” and 30% answered “all of the above.” Our Lions will sure be busy over Winter Break.

Sophomore English major Brayden Bolser, when asked what he was doing over Winter break, answered “Going to Michigan to visit my family.” He corresponded with the Twitter poll results in the 10% category of “going on a trip.”

Faculty member Jeff Hillard, English professor, has big plans over the long winter break.  He’s going to “watch some movies, binge watch the new Gilmore Girls series, help my daughter move into her apartment, pray for snow so I can go tubing at Perfect North Slope, and the most exciting is my first novel Shine out of Bedlam is coming out on Dec. 8.”  Hillard plans to start working on his second novel over winter break as well, which will be shorter than his first.  He is excited about his first novel coming out and is excited to start writing his second novel.

Junior business major Cheyenne Burress is planning on spending her Winter break “doing a lot of shopping, staying local [hometown of Dillsboro, Ind.], and continuing my family tradition of going to the Festival of Lights every year at the zoo.”

Some of our Mount students are taking this winter break to help those less fortunate by going on mission trips.  Every year during the winter break, the Mount gets together a group of 11 students to go to New Orleans to help rebuild houses from the disastrous Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Many of the families are still rebuilding their lives after that hurricane struck.

Junior psychology major Andi Saylor is one of the 11 students chosen to go on the mission trip.  Andi said, “25 students applied for this trip, and of the 25, 11 were chosen to go; I am really excited to have this experience and to help these families.” Saylor is also working, going to Florida with her Mom, and hanging out with friends over the break.

The 11 students going on the trip will be gone for a total of 10 days and the trip is free to students because of a grant given to the Mount by the Sisters of Charity.

All of our Lions will be very busy over winter break enjoying a little time off from the constant demand of school.  The extra-long winter break should be a time of enjoyment for the upcoming holidays surrounded by family and friends.  Hope you all have a great winter break!