Mount St. Joseph University

The Legacy Grows: A Tale of Two Missions

Mount News: alumni magazine

By: Kara Gebhardt-Uhl

A college’s mission statement is what defines its aims and values as it pertains to students, faculty, and the communities it serves. Between 1920 and 1962, women had greatly transformed American society—especially as it related to socioeconomic status. To its credit, Mount St. Joseph University (formerly the College of Mount St. Joseph) adjusted its own mission statement to reflect these changing times, empowering its female students beyond the traditional boundaries of nursing, teaching, and homemaking, to ensure that they blossomed as intellectual, professional, and spiritual leaders of their day. Below are two older mission statements of the University that reflect this 42-year difference:

1920 Mission Statement: “The purpose of the College of Mount St. Joseph, a Catholic College, is to provide higher education to women in a Christian atmosphere with high principles. The College prepares students for the business world and for the higher places in the nursing profession but its leading mission is to fit young women to be skillful teachers of children and efficient makers of homes.”