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Across the nation, Teach for America (TFA) allows college graduates to become leaders in the classroom. The organization believes that all children have the right to an education.  Mount St. Joseph University’s Career and Experiential Education Center encourages Mount juniors and seniors to consider this amazing post-graduation opportunity. All academic majors are eligible to apply.

Those who are accepted into the program are considered full-time corps members and will receive full salary, benefits for their service, and a deferment on their federal student loans. Anyone can apply, no matter their major or career background. Opportunities to teach are available in 52 different regions of the United States, including Hawaii and California. After a multi-week summer training session, corps members will be able to begin teaching in the classroom and making an impact on the lives of children across the nation.

Within the first few years of teaching, corps members are already making a difference. A Mathematica study found that TFA members with an average teaching experience of 1.7 years perform just as well as other teachers with 13.6 years of experience. Even with less teaching experience, corps members teaching pre-k through second grade boosted student reading scores equal to 1.3 months of additional instruction in the same school. In math, student scores were boosted equal to 2.6 months of additional learning.

Members of Teach for America aid struggling, low-income classrooms to succeed. It is through the leadership of the remarkable 50,000 members that progress in children’s education is possible.

The next application deadline is January 15, 2016.

Visit Teach for America’s website for helpful tips and applying to register. Also check out how to apply early and more information about the organization.

To learn more, please contact the Career Center.