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Tap into the News Brewing about the Mount: Woodburn Brewery Sells Oatmeal Stout by Mount Seniors


By: Amanda Gratsch

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In the midst of the pungent aroma of malted barley and boiling hops, Mount students churned the kettle of freshly-roasted grains alongside faculty and brew masters, bringing their own creation to life for Cincinnati residents to enjoy.  

Seniors Victoria Hancock and Adylnn (Addy) Anaya gathered together at the brewery to help brew their carefully crafted oatmeal stout recipe from their beer brewing course, which was recently selected to be sold on tap in The Woodburn Brewery & Taproom located in Walnut Hills, Cincinnati.

Their former classmate Brady Eagan, ’17 helped in the initial stages of developing the recipe.

“This is the first time we have had a beer selected from our students to be sold on tap in a brewery, so this is a very exciting time for our students,” says Tim Lawson, Ph.D. department chair of Psychology and Beer Brewing Instructor.

Award-winning beer enthusiasts and professors Dr. Tim Lawson and Dr. Andy Rasmussen co-instruct the course, “Beer Brewing and Appreciation” that explores essential characteristics of well-crafted beer and brewing methods. For their final project, students were instructed to develop their own recipe in any style that they desired to brew to present to the class, and the winning beer would be chosen for Woodburn.

“I didn’t know much about beer, or even like beer,” Anaya says. “But I took the course to develop my knowledge on it and I ended up absolutely loving it. I’m really proud of our work.”

As a result, project partners Hancock and Anaya took the win with their oatmeal stout, and after slight tweaking, it was found to be a strong addition to the brewery’s current beer selection. The seniors have been ecstatic about the process, and have unlocked the door to the exciting realm and possibilities that come with beer brewing.

“It’s great to know that this is one of my career options after college,” says Hancock.

Woodburn will be hosting an event open to the public on October 4th, 2017 to tap their newest beer starting at 4 p.m. to midnight, where family and friends of the Mount Community can enjoy Addy’s and Victoria’s finely-crafted Winter Blues Stout.

To learn more about the Mount’s beer brewing course, visit for more information.