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Students Earn Tuition Aid and Wages through Education At Work

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By: Sasha Feldmann

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Mount student Max Swoboda

Mount St. Joseph University offers several opportunities for career preparation through the Career and Experiential Education Center, including co-op, experiential learning, and service learning.

One of the more recent programs is Education at Work (EAW), a nonprofit organization that offers college students the opportunity to earn wages and tuition assistance through employment in contact centers for large businesses.

The first EAW contact center opened in Norwood (Cincinnati, Ohio) in August of 2012. In October of 2014, an on-campus center was opened at the Mount.

Currently, there are 29 students working in the EAW program. In total, Mount students have earned $1,887,944 in wages and $724,969 in tuition assistance from the program. Students also receive invaluable job skills and connections in an open and flexible work environment.

Max Swoboda is a senior criminology student and football player at the Mount. He began his career at the EAW on-campus contact center his freshman year, and is the first student to have worked for EAW all four years of his collegiate experience. Throughout his time as an employee, he has earned and been awarded more than $33,000 in wages and tuition assistance. The Education at Work program chose to highlight his incredible experience in a video, shown below, in which Max describes how EAW impacted him.

“I’ve made really good friends, and the fact that I have supervisors that are easy to go to and easy to talk with definitely makes it a very enjoyable experience,” Max says, “If it weren’t for EAW, it would’ve been very very difficult for me to go through all four years of school.”