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Some New and Old Things on Netflix Presented by Someone Who Spends Too Much Time on That Website

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Zachary McCoy

File Under: entertainment, netflix, tv

Ahhhh Netflix. It is the epitome of procrastination. Five page paper to write for philosophy class? Not when you can watch the entirety of “Arrested Development.” It has accompanied me many lonely nights when I cannot sleep, always there to lull me into insomnia as the next episode of “The Office” plays automatically and I simply stare like a sheep into the warm glow of my computer screen as Jim pranks Dwight yet again.

There are some dark times however. Times when the oasis that is Netflix suddenly becomes a barren wasteland of shows I have already seen, movies that involve “sharktopus” and “Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies”, not even vampires, it’s just sad.

Luckily I have scoured the interwebs, leaving no digital rock unturned to let everyone who is too lazy to know all the great new and old shows that are on Netflix, and my reviews of them.

“Grave Encounters”—A movie is the same vein as shows like “Ghost Adventures”. This parody of the ghost hunting TV shows is worth a watch. I stumbled upon this horror gem around a year ago surfing through Netflix for a decent “B” movie to watch and I found this beautifully crafted film. Despite its cheesy effects, the movie is pretty genuinely creepy and even has a few jump scares in it. I would recommend watching it late into the night so the delirium of sleepiness can aid in the cinematic experience.

“Freaks and Geeks”—An amazing show from the minds that brought you “Superbad”. This show is so amazingly heartwarming and funny it almost makes me miss high school. Almost. It’s insightful and gives a great view of actual high school life—well as far as a sitcom goes. The real reasons to watch this show however are the characters and the people who portray them.  There is a special treat in seeing a young Jason Segel, Seth Rogan and Martin Starr while watching “Freaks and Geeks”

“Jiro Dreams of Sushi”—This Japanese documentary is a great insight into the art of sushi making. Though some may find it tedious and boring it can be quite fascinating to view a life that is quietly devoted to honing a craft to its highest caliber. It follows Jiro, one of the top Japanese sushi chefs. To eat at his restaurant is a whopping three hundred dollars a plate for raw fish.

“The Walking Dead”— This show is about to start its third season on AMC but for those who have not been able to catch up this is your chance. The show is more than another mass produced zombie show. It’s more about surviving after the world has gone to pieces. I literally spent most of my Saturday watching season two; in fact I missed writing most of this article because it was so distractingly good.

“LO”—This independent horror movie is more freaky than horrifying. It is shot as if watching a play and is modeled heavily after Faust.  It is one of the best romantic-comedy-horror- independent movies I have ever seen. Granted this is the only movie like that I have ever seen, it is still unbelievably good. From beginning to end its artistic style is amazing and the story is fantastic. Not to mention its effects are practical and well done, a very nice throw back to older horror movies when effects weren’t added in post production.

“The Grey”—Good God is Liam Neeson just the foxiest man alive. I mean he trained Batman and Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is just so badass. I don’t even care that this movie only has few qualities of worth. I would watch Liam Neeson kill anything, especially man killing wolves. This movie also contains one of the best poems within a movie. I even had a friend tattoo it to her hip, so there’s that.