Mount St. Joseph University

Should Valentine’s Day Get a New Name?

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Sarah Campbell

(This article is based on a Twitter poll conducted by Dateline before Valentine’s Day.)

Valentine’s Day is a day filled with hearts, candies, and love.  Valentine’s Day is a topic of debate, in today’s society: Is it a real holiday? Is it a Hallmark holiday? Some believe that Valentine’s Day is not as important, because of the way our society has evolved.  Dating in today’s society can be defined in multiple ways.  People can be “talking” (which is texting and hanging out without putting a label on the relationship), they can have an open relationship where partners are free to “talk” with other people, or they can have a traditional relationship.

Valentine’s Day is a day to show those you love just how much you love them.  It can be a Significant Other, parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, or anyone else.  Taking a day out of busy lives to appreciate each other is what Valentine’s Day should be about, whether you celebrate the holiday or not.

A recent @datelinemsj twitter poll posed the question: “What you think of Valentine’s Day?” Among respondents, 20% answered “Singles Awareness Day”, 6% believe it is the “Best Holiday”, 32% said “Not a Real Holiday,” and the last 42% answered “Only if I get Chocolate”. It’s obvious MSJ students place a high value on sweets during this time of the year.

To participate in future MSJ polls, follow @datelinemsj for updates. Above is a screenshot of the official results.