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Restaurant Review: Wishbone Tavern

Dateline: student newspaper


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Formerly located on Delhi Pike, beside Chipotle, the Wishbone Tavern has a new home—a couple dozen yards behind its original building. Despite its new location, however, the Tavern continues to deliver quality service and delicious food.

Wishbone Tavern was established by owner Nicole and her family about five years ago in their hometown of Delhi. Their vision—“To create a place that was family friendly and somewhere a group of friends could come and watch them game together.” This past week, I ventured into the new Wishbone location for date night with my boyfriend, to see if their vision holds true even in a new venue.

Despite it being a Tuesday when I visited, Wishbone’s small, comfortable space was fairly full, but we were seated right away and our server was prompt and the food hot. Though the Tavern serves a variety of on-tap beers and brews, as well as mixed drinks, we chose to forego the alcohol and skip right to the appetizers, which for us, was fried pickles. Served hot and fresh with two choices of dipping sauce, the pickles were delicious and kept us occupied until our main courses were served.

For dinner, we ordered sandwiches, each served with your choice of tater tots or French fries. I chose the Wishbone Ultimate Chicken Sandwich while my boyfriend chose the Pulled Pork. Piled high with grilled chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, a fried egg, and bacon, the Ultimate Chicken was a delicious, hot sandwich perfect for the tavern atmosphere of Wishbone. The prices for each sandwich were reasonable, too, which is nice for college students on a budget.

Like its original space, the Wishbone embodies a typical tavern atmosphere, and they have options for bar seating and high or low top tables. Large, flat screen televisions decorate the walls, too, each displaying various sporting events for occupants to watch while sharing a meal with family or friends. Other decoration remains minimal, but there is a well-used, almost rustic feel to the place, despite the Tavern’s new space being relatively new.

The service of the Tavern was quality, too. Whenever we needed refills, our server seemed to appear from nowhere, a fresh glass of water in hand, and it felt like no time before our sandwiches were placed before us.

Overall, my experience in Wishbone Tavern’s new location was an enjoyable one and comparable to my experience in its old venue. Even with new furniture and a new layout, the Tavern continue to serve quality food at reasonable prices, which is always a bonus for college students looking for a night out with friends.