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Restaurant Review: The Eagle - OTR

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This month, I visited another of the supposed gems of Over-the-Rhine: The Eagle. Positioned on Vine Street alongside other trendy bars and eateries, the Eagle boasts a menu of Southern favorites, most notably their fried chicken.

Along with my boyfriend, I visited the establishment on a Tuesday night at 6:30, just beating the dinner rush. The menu is somewhat limited, most of the focus being on the fried chicken as well as the bar menu, which constitutes over half of the menu space. We chose to split a side of fries, mac & cheese, and a whole chicken, which is two breasts, two thighs, two legs, and two wings. Not being much for alcoholic beverages, we skipped the bar menu, but for those who enjoy such things, you won’t be disappointed with the selection.

After we ordered, we waited probably 20 or so minutes, a time typical for a sit-down restaurant. The wait time allowed us to observe the atmosphere, which was very hipster-like and trendy. It had a typical OTR restaurant/bar vibe, with wooden tables and limited seating. As previously mentioned, we arrived around 6:30, and though we were able to grab a seat with no wait, others who came shortly after we did had to endure a 15-20 minute wait.

Earlier in the month, I had visited the restaurant on a Sunday evening around 6:30, but there was a 45-60 minute wait. So if you’re looking for a quick place, the Eagle probably isn’t the place to go, and there are no reservations, though the website boasts the ability to place a reservation. Still, if you’re in no hurry, you can put your name in and they’ll text you when a table is available.

When the food arrived, it was all very good, though I don’t think it was anything to overly boast about. I enjoyed the size of the side portions, which were large enough to share between the two of us. The mac & cheese was delicious, as were the fries, though I think they had a bit too much seasoning on them. As for the fried chicken, I come from a family who loves to fry chicken for family gatherings and events, so I already had high expectations for the chicken. While the Eagle couldn’t compare to my family’s chicken, it was still delicious and worth the visit.

I enjoyed visiting the Eagle, though it hasn’t become my go-to place while visiting OTR. The space was small, the wait could be long, and it was very loud. My boyfriend and I were only separated by a few feet, but we often had to shout to be heard, as we competed with the loud music and other groups of people fighting to be heard.

Even with the drawbacks of the space, the Eagle was worth the visit. Their prices were reasonable—my boyfriend and I ate for about $30 total—and the day and time we visited were less busy than it could have been. If you’re just beginning to explore OTR, the Eagle should be on your bucket list. Find the full details and menu on their website: