Mount St. Joseph University

Recent Mathematics Alum Lands “Challenging and Rewarding” Position


By: Denise Krueger

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After graduating from the Mount in 2010, Valerie Schneider was accepted into the business analytics graduate program at the University of Cincinnati.

While working as a teaching assistant for several statistics courses, she studied

  • regression,
  • optimization,
  • stochastic modeling,
  • probability,
  • simulation,
  • forecasting,
  • and programming.

After graduating from UC in December 2012, Valerie was hired as a product analyst at American Modern Insurance Group in Amelia, OH.

As a member of the product group, she is responsible for setting the insurance rates, drafting the insurance policies, and developing manuals to articulate the rates and rules associated with a given product in a given state. She works with numerous internal and external partners to develop sustainable and profitable products. It is both challenging and rewarding, and she absolutely loves it.