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Professor’s talent lies beyond the lab

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Man playing trumpet.

This year's lineup for Suits That Rock, a musical event that features 40 local business and community leaders to benefit youth education, includes Mark Fischer, Ph..D., a professor in the Mount's chemistry and physical sciences department. Little do many students know that Dr. Fischer is actually quite an accomplished trumpeter.

"My path to the Suits is a bit long, but it starts at the Mount," he said. "When I started at the Mount in 1999, the Jazz Band was led by Jan Diehl who was adjuncting. I was looking for some place to play and thought it might be fun to sit in with them. Jan and I hit it off and I became his 'field marshall' in the horn section. Later, Jan invited me to substitute in Lee’s Junction Big Band, a local big band (Tommy Dorsey, Glen Miller, Duke Ellington, et al.) that started as the Elder High School Alumni Swing Band. I now play full-time in that band, along with Jan, his wife Elaine, and a saxophonist named Ken Poleyeff. Those three are in the Suits. When they needed an extra trumpet for that gig, they called me."

Dr. Fischer will play on June 20 at The Carnegie's Otto M. Budig Theatre for the concert. He'll be joined by other guest "Suits" as well as a core group of Suits who play each year. Suits that Rock has become the Carnegie's annual sell-out fundraising event, raising more than $460,000 since it began in 2008. Proceeds support The Carnegie's Eva G. Farris Education Center programs.

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