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At the beginning of each year, people across America participate in tax season, and as they scramble to gather their financial information from the previous year, they can sometimes become confused and lost in the mad rush to finish before the April deadline. Similarly, everyday budgeting and other personal finance issues can confound people. Transitioning from high school to adulthood, most young people find navigating the world of finances is a new, mysterious experience.

Luckily, Mount St. Joseph University offers services dedicated to helping students learn about personal finance and more. The Mount offers workshops and classes for taxes, budgeting, and personal finance to assist our students.

One of our helpful programs, the Tax Program can reduce or eliminate the terror of tax season that many students may have heard their parents discuss but probably never experienced for themselves yet. A seasonal, one-time event, the Program features a professional C.P.A. (certified public accountant) who will discuss how to best complete one’s taxes.

Much like the Tax Program teaching students about taxes, the Mount’s Basic Budgeting Workshop features discussions about how students can budget income. During this free, biannual, five week program, Stephen Craig and Daniel Schultz discuss the different aspects of budgeting and how everyone can do it.

Craig, who hosts and instructs the Tax Program, is the Assistant Dean for Student Leadership and Engagement. Schultz is an accountant in Fiscal Operations here at the Mount. Their combined expertise provides instruction and foresight on how to budget responsibly and correctly.

In addition to attending these two programs, Stephen Craig encourages students to join a club. “It is a great experience to become a more responsible budgeter,” he says. Many of the Mount’s clubs work with a budget every year, and having that experience can help you learn how to responsibly budget and manage your own money, too.

If you wish to receive further instruction, the School of Business offers a Personal Finance course (FIN 102) for all students. During the course, the instructor will discuss personal budgeting, credit, savings institutions, insurance, annuities, and investments.

To learn more about our tax and budgeting programs, contact Stephen Craig via email at You can check out the Department of Business page, too, if you’re interested in courses like Personal Finance, and visit the Campus Activities & Student Organizations page to find clubs that could help you learn to budget.

And continue to watch for more LifePrep posts to learn more about the amazing services the Mount offers! In case you missed our last post, visit our Resources page for links to previous news posts and to view our other student services.