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ONLINE EXTRA! Alums Carving Diverse Paths

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Nicknamed “Mayor of the Mount” because he knew just about every student, faculty and staff member on campus, Sean competed in three varsity sports, founded the Sport Management Club and served as a resident assistant and campus ambassador. He switched from a sports management major to the MBA program, and today works as a commercial real estate associate with Henkle Schueler and Associates, seeing his role as a way to build a reputation as “an honest, professional agent people look forward to working with.” Sean credits Mary Mazuk with being his reality check, the business department for helping him establish himself as a professional, and thanks the wonderful people he had the pleasure of working with in the Admissions, Marketing and Student Affairs offices.


When Bethani started at the Mount, all she knew for sure was that she had dreamed of playing college volleyball, and now she was! Starting off undecided about her major, it took some soul-searching, some inventory of her skills and passions and some long talks with advisor Ashley Bruney, to realize that communications was her forte. Majoring in communications was “one of the best decisions I ever made!” After three years of living in the “Com family” of students and faculty who shared close bonds, Bethani works as an event operations supervisor for Marriott, and is plotting a course toward being a full event planner in five years.



A lifetime enthusiast of all things “buggy,” Sara followed her idol, advisor Gene Kritsky, to the Mount, where she could study the universe of living things, and also continue to develop her interests in art, making it her minor, and music, playing percussions for two Mount Bands. Her biology major enabled her to secure a job as a naturalist with the Cincinnati Parks. She particularly enjoys giving lectures on the health benefits of eating bugs! She sends kudos to her family for never displaying disgust over her soft spot for arthropods!


A defensive back from Cincinnati, Samu’EL was an “undecided” student at the start. He knew he loved sports and fitness, but it took some long talks with his advisor Mary Mazuk and professor Andrew Little to discover that he could use his college education to prepare himself for the business side of athletics. He developed himself as a leader through his roles as public relations officer for the Student Association for Sports Management, president of the Black Student Union and through three Mount-sponsored internships. While he maintains the ultimate goal of becoming an athletic director or small gym owner, his first job out of MSJ is in social media with Orchem Corporation, developing skills that are increasingly essential in every marketplace.


A retired Army vet, in 2010 Pete began a search for college programs that would enable him to have a community-focused career. His search led him to Lynn Taber and Irene Richardson in the Registrar’s Office. They “sold the school to me!” and then cut through all the Veterans Administration red tape so he could focus on his studies. Pete started in nursing, changed to general studies, and went on to pursue a Master’s in Organizational Leadership through the Saturday program, from which he graduated with the Distinguished Student Award. His goal is to work in leadership for a non-profit or other community organization, and he will make his official debut as a Shrine clown when the Shrine
Circus comes to Cincinnati in January.


Rob enrolled at the Mount in 2010, after 21 years in the Navy, retiring as chief petty officer. With flexible work hours granted by Automotive Service Products, where he works as an assistant warehouse manager, and through some ingenious scheduling strategies provided through Lynn Tabor in the Registrar’s Office and Mary Beth Lampe in Advising, he was able to earn his degree in four years. Rob will be attending the MBA program starting this fall.



Wanting to know more of the people in her graduating class than she had in her large high school, Alyssa chose the Mount largely because of its size. She majored in biology with the Mount’s physical therapy program in mind, but had a change of heart when she spent a summer working under Dr. Tracy Reed-Kessler, who inspired her to go into research instead. Following a co-op with Bexion Pharmaceuticals, she was offered a Research Assistant position supporting the FDA approval process for a novel cancer treatment.