Mount St. Joseph University

Ohio Benefit Bank Program



Group photo.

Many of us are forced to make tough decisions every day about paying bills, buying food, accessing medical care and stretching our household budgets.  Students in the SWK 329, Organizational/Community Development class, took action this past fall and decided to help Mount students and staff who might be dealing with these decisions.  Using their program development skills, students implemented The Ohio Benefit BankTM program at MSJU.  This program is designed to make it simpler for Ohioans to connect with programs and resources that can make those decisions a little easier.  SWK 329 students went through training and became certified Ohio Benefit Bank counselors.  They can help others complete applications for programs like food assistance, child care assistance, health coverage, and much more.  For additional information, please contact 244-3269.

Thanks to the following students for their work:  Karen Boykins, Caitlin Hail, Samantha Hancock, Lisa Hensely, Kelsey Howard, Lisa Huff, Sterry Johnson, Erin King, Christopher McCulley, Mackenzie Money, Deborah Pope-Bullucks, and Jacqueline Unkrich.