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November Classnote Corner

Alumni & Giving

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Mary Ellen Inderrieden '57 of Aiken, South Carolina and her husband Tom are now great-grandparents.


Jeanette Berning '62 & '82 is enjoying retirement by travelling the world.

Louise Dougherty Hartz '63 of Richmond, Virginia was elected vice-president of the Virginia Board of Nursing.

Kathleen Kennedy '64 of Lima, Ohio retired from teaching in 2000. She enjoys volunteering and spending time her grandchildren.

Maureen R. Sullivan '65 of Cincinnati joined VISTA (service at Freestore Foodbank/HR Department)

Maribeth Joie Jergens '67 of Strongsville, Ohio recently retired after 45 years of school psychology, counseling, and special education in Cleveland.

Ellen Diemer Doyle '69 of Tulsa, Oklahoma is retired and enjoying reading, playing golf, traveling, and visiting her grandchildren.


Christine M. Carton '70 of Cincinnati

Barbra Healy Santilli '71 of Hammonton, New Jersey recently retired from teaching after nearly 35 years.

Hannah Dennewitz Williams '71 of Greenwood, Indiana recently retired after 30 years of teaching.


Margaret E. Richardson '81 of Mason, Ohio was named Executive Director of Crossroads Hospice.

Ceil Gilligan Benken Ouwerkerk '81, after 20 years in critical care nursing at University Hospital in Cincinnati and 10 years of hospital pharmaceutical sales, has started a new career at the University of Virginia as ambulatory manager of a number of outpatient clinics. She is enjoying life in Virginia with her husband, Nick.

Jeanne Pahls '81 writes my education at the Mount was quite meaningful for me. I had an unpleasant 4 years in high school and middle school years were not much different. I vividly remember seeing classmates throw food at a friend of mine with disabilities, a friend who was sitting next to me, in the cafeteria during freshman year. I felt that all 4 years of high school were symbolized by that moment and felt pretty beaten down by senior year. 

The Mount was different from day one. I felt I was welcomed there, that people with differences were respected and valued, and that I was in the midst of kind people with integrity. As students of the education department we banded together to form a student council for exceptional children in 1977. We did so many projects together in order to provide support to group homes and various groups of special needs kids. We also would gather on Friday mornings and volunteer at the Steppingstones Center for children with disabilities. 

After participating in these activities at the Mount, it was an easy leap for me to work with refugees and subsequently visit war zones and organize during my 20s to end war. That led to working with the homeless, living in two inner city neighborhoods, and then on two native American reservations and completing my masters in theology in my 30s. In the following decade my husband and I founded a grassroots organization, Stop the War Machine, and have been working for 11 years to call for an end to wars for empire and profits. Now in my 50s, I have been teaching for 30 years and this year ran as a write-in candidate for US House of Representatives, Congressional District 1. I am a special education teacher and special education coordinator at a school that welcomes students who are in trouble with the courts, have been kicked out of other schools, are members of rival gangs, have been in the hospital for mental health reasons or have been in jail. Our school is a mental wellness charter school and many special needs students come there and find a second chance, often figuring out how to graduate and go on to pursue college. I feel like I see miracles every day.

I am grateful to the Mount for giving me a positive experience of 4 excellent years of learning, surrounded by the kindness and integrity of students and teachers who wanted to change the world for the better. It gave me the encouragement I needed to pursue paths in life that allow me to be who I am and do what makes my heart sing. 

Cynthia Sue Broderick '82 of Cincinnati celebrated her eldest daughter's marriage.

Lorie Kreimer Schaefer '89 was promoted to vice president at US Bank in April 2012. She also received the 4th quarter Outstanding Leadership Award for her division.


Tricia Borgmann Higgins '01 returned to P&G in 2002 in the external relations/communications function. Her current role is for Baby Care Communications where she leads the social and traditional media strategies for Pampers and Luvs. She married her high school sweetheart in 2002 and has two beautiful children, Will (5) and Claire (4).

Sara E. Sicking Mankus '01 of Cincinnati married Michael Mankus on June 23, 2012.

Katherine Kiefer '02 has worked at Duke Energy for 10 years and is married with a 2-year-old daughter.

Sara Calsin BartoI '04 married in Columbus, Ohio on January 28, 2012. Her husband's name is Chad.

Stefanie Schultz Hiltz '05 and her husband, Jacob, welcomed their second child, a girl, in March 2012.

Marlo Dawn Ball Devoto '06 and her husband, Travis, had their first child, Amelia, in July 2012.

Heather Kailholz Riga '09 is currently in graduate school for Speech-language Pathology.

Sarah Elizabeth Kasulones '11 of Morrow, Ohio, works as an Intervention Specialist at Norwood High School.

Joseph Grothe '12 of Bellaire, Texas is doing an internship in education at the MacDuffie School in Granby, Massachusetts.