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Nominate tri-state nurses for leadership awards

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Alumni are invited to nominate tri-state nurses for the Mount's Leadership in Nursing Awards Program in October.  Please join with us in honoring the best in the local nursing profession.

Nominations may be made by any registered nurse and must be received by July 1, 2013.  They should include a completed nomination form, a nomination narrative typed or printed legibly, and a current curriculum vita of the nominee.

Award Categories

• Distinguished Nurse Administrator
• Distinguished Nurse Educator
• Distinguished Nurse Researcher
• Lifetime Achievement in Nursing
• Alumni Nurse Leader


To be eligible, the nominee must be a tri-state resident for all awards (except the Alumni Nurse Leader who can reside anywhere) and be available to receive the award during the event.  He or she must have a history of enhancing the image of professional nursing, providing service with respect for human dignity and the uniqueness of others, and promoting the scholarly activities and professional development of self and others.

Please see the information page for nomination forms and criteria.  If you have questions, contact Donna Panzeca by email or at 513-244-4607.