Mount St. Joseph University

New Faces, New Visions

Dateline: student newspaper


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We’ve got spirit, how about you? That’s the question that Janet Cox and Warren Grove are asking. Cox, dean of students, and Grove, coordinator of student life, have hit the ground running since their arrival at the Mount over the summer. Their plans for the semester are already taking form, and they have an enthusiastic vision for the future—more spirit, more collaboration, more engagement and more traditions.

So what brought these two passionate, goal-driven people to the Mount?

For Cox, coming to the Mount means returning to her home state after working in Colorado. She says the size of the campus and the mission-driven focus attracted her to the Mount. “The size of the campus means greater exposure with students,” she says. 

Cox is excited to learn about the culture of the Mount this semester in an attempt to identify and grow traditions. Her plans place a strong focus on collaboration and connecting students to encourage more engagement on campus. One of her priorities is to work on commuter-life by offering programs and events that are important to commuter students, as she recognizes they are a large population on campus.

“Commuter needs are often very different from the needs of students that reside on campus. We’re hoping to offer programs that interest them and improve aspects on campus that are important to them.” In order to do so, Cox is in the process of completing a survey for commuter students to get feedback on long-term and short-term goals for improvements.

In addition, Cox has been working closely with Grove and Stephen Craig, coordinator of campus activities and leadership, to implement improvements to campus-life, including a shuttle on Wednesday and Saturday evenings to take students without access to transportation around town. Improving school spirit by tailgating at home football games is another short-term goal Cox thinks should be highlighted this semester.

Grove, who grew up in Delhi, says he missed Cincinnati after going to school at Loyola University Chicago and then Western Illinois University. He loves being back in the city, he says, but in terms of the Mount, he loves “how people here value people.”

One of Grove’s main goals is to create a “seamless learning environment, throughout campus and beyond.” Grove is quick to point out that learning is a constant process that connects people and he says his favorite experience so far has been working with the resident assistants in order to learn together and to keep improving resident-life at the Mount. 

Another priority for Grove is to get students off of campus in order to experience what Cincinnati has to offer. “We have this great city just twenty minutes away with great restaurants and things to do,” Grove says. Promoting the city and getting students to experience it is one of his goals for helping students make the most of their time at the Mount. 

Both Cox and Grove are looking forward to improving student affairs and welcome feedback and suggestions.