Mount St. Joseph University

Music Students Immersed in “Peter Pan”


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College of Mount St. Joseph music students recently had the chance to sit in "the pit" with the musicians of the Broadway musical "Peter Pan" on Sunday, March 17.

Bryan Crisp, adjunct instructor at the Mount and freelance trumpeter in Cincinnati, was performing in the run of the show and was able to work closely with local contractor Paul Piller and Show Music Director Bruce Barnes, to make this opportunity available to two Immersion Program students.  "What an amazing opportunity," said Kirsten Grimsley, a junior music education major. "The pit orchestra features touring musicians as well as local musicians. This is a great chance for students to see another career that is possible in the field of music."

Daniel Wilson, a senior music major, was able to observe the show's keyboard player using a computer system that plays several different instrument parts into one sample program.  "I had no idea how much these programs can do nowadays," he said. 

The Immersion Program was designed to give these students these opportunities, and is unlike any other opportunity available to music students in the Cincinnati area. 

"We are proud to be able to offer students these opportunities to make a more educated decision about what is possible upon graduation," said Crisp.