Mount St. Joseph University

Music Review: Motionless in White’s “Graveyard Shift”

Dateline: student newspaper


For over 10 years, the metal band Motionless in White has been enthralling audiences with their dramatic performances and intense sound. With two EPs and three full-length albums to their name, the band prepares to release their fourth album, Graveyard Shift, on May 5. Originally the album was meant to be released in fall of 2016, but then the date was pushed to the winter of 2016/2017 as the band signed to a new record label. Unfortunately, the winter release date had to be postponed, and May 5 was eventually finalized as the official release date.

In anticipation of Graveyard Shift, Motionless has released three singles off the album, the first appearing in July 2016 and the other two following almost six months later. The first song, “570,” pays tribute to the band’s hometown of Scranton, Pa. (Yes, Scranton is real—it’s not just the setting of the television show The Office.) This song is sure to please long-time fans as well as new because it features heavy screams like those found on the band’s first album Creatures, but “570” also has a similar vibe to songs from MIW’s last album, Reincarnate. Of the three songs, this is one has probably generated the most appeal due to its tribute to the band’s evolution in terms of sound.

Following “570” almost six months later, “Eternally Yours” portrays a “softer” side of Motionless. In terms of sound, the song still presents the heavy rock/metal that the band is known for, but in truth, “Eternally Yours” is a love song. While “570” seems to pull from MIW’s early and current works, “Eternally Yours” leans more toward the sound of Reincarnate, and while some fans are critical of the band’s third album, most seem to enjoy this song.

Perhaps the most controversial of the three releases is the most recent song, “LOUD (F*** It).” In interviews, lead singer Chris Motionless has stated this was the most experimental of the songs from Graveyard Shift, but the lyrics are a culmination of his experience while leading music workshops during the 2016 Warped Tour. Though “LOUD” doesn’t seem to fit with Motionless’ previous sound, the lyrics are reminiscent of the pissed off, careless attitude of their second album Infamous.

Overall, the three songs Motionless has released have ramped up the anticipation for their long-awaited fourth album, Graveyard Shift. Though eager fans have been disappointed with the continuous delay of the album’s release, even with the three pre-released songs, the wait for May 5 is almost over, and so far, what we know about the album is very promising. I for one will be pre-ordering Graveyard Shift and proudly blaring whatever this amazing band has to offer.