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MSJ student brings home unique souvenir from Pope Francis

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Pope Francis surrounded by people.

When Mount St. Joseph University students and faculty went to Rome over spring break as part of an immersion experience, not many realized one student would return with a terrific souvenir.

Mount student McCoy Lambing took a zucchetto on his trip. (Note: A zucchetto is a skull cap worn by Catholic clergy.) He had heard that if the Pope, as he greets visitors outside the Vatican, sees someone holding out a zucchetto, the Pope will sometimes put it on his own head as a blessing and give it back to the visitor.

Watch this video that Dr. Joe Zalot, associate professor of religious studies, took during the trip. (Around :30, you will see the Pope ask his guards to stop his vehicle.) Pretty cool, huh?

The immersion trip was part of the course, "REL 370 Catholicism in Rome Through Faith and Art." They visited Rome and Florence.