Mount St. Joseph University

Mount tops national publication’s “Best Value Small Colleges for a Chemistry Degree” ranking

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Mount St. Joseph University has been named as one of the “Best Value Small Colleges for a Chemistry Degree." This ranking from puts the Mount in the top spot in part because of its wide range of courses including a biochemistry major, a combined program in chemistry and mathematics, and a natural science major with a concentration in chemistry.

“Mount St. Joseph University tops this list not only because it’s the most affordable small college for chemistry majors, but also because it offers those majors a breadth of courses they might not be able to find at other schools its size,” according to the website.

“One of the strengths of our department is in the variety of majors we offer and the personalized advising that our students receive,” said Christa Currie, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry at the Mount. “Our department offers four different majors for our students. We have our traditional Chemistry and Biochemistry majors, which are accredited by the American Chemical Society. We also offer a dual degree in Chemistry and Mathematics which is great pathway for students interested in engineering. Our newest degree in Natural Sciences, is offered in both a day and evening/online format and is appropriate for a wide variety of careers.  Faculty members in our department work one-on-one with our students to find the major that will best help them achieve their personal career goals.”

For the list of schools, visit the website here.