Mount St. Joseph University

Mount to Host The Carpenters Anniversary Tribute Concert

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Katie Drinkuth

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The Mount Saint Joseph University Music Department invites all music lovers to a special concert Feb. 25 celebrating the 50- year anniversary of the beginning of the popular music duo, The Carpenters. The event will also mark the 35th anniversary of Karen Carpenter’s death in 1983. Organizing the event are Maria Bruce, a senior psychology major and vocalist, and Mark McCafferty, Chair of the Music Department.

When I asked Maria a few questions about the concert and what people can expect, she said it “will be a celebration of all the amazing contributions The Carpenters made to music. Eighteen of their songs will be performed by MSJ music majors, faculty, and some guests, with amazing video footage and stories in between from the legendary Jim Scott, who will be the MC for the night.”

The inspiration for the concert, Bruce explained, goes back to her childhood when she listened to Carpenters music. “As a female vocalist, Karen has always inspired me.  I have always wanted to do some form of tribute concert to commemorate the amazing contributions they’ve provided to music,” she said. “When I found out 2018 was an anniversary year for both when they started and Karen’s death, I thought it was the perfect opportunity.”

Not only is it the perfect opportunity to celebrate the Carpenters’ anniversary with great performances and fun, but attending will also be for a great cause. All proceeds for the event will go to the Eating Recovery Center, a treatment facility for those suffering from eating disorders, like Karen Carpenter, who died from heart complications due to her long struggle with anorexia.

According to Bruce, “Karen’s death brought a great deal of attention to eating disorders” because she was really the first celebrity with the disorder.  “After her death in 1983, extensive research was conducted on eating disorders and different foundations were created to help people struggling with it.  However, eating disorders are still one of the least funded mental illnesses and one of the most common in our society.” Because of this, Bruce thought the concert would be a great way to raise money for such an important issue and help those struggling as Karen Carpenter once did.

This concert will be held on Sunday, Feb. 25, at 2  p.m. in the MSJU Theater. Tickets are $10 and are available at It is billed as an unforgettable night filled with “amazing music, video footage, and stories from Jim Scott!”