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Mount Students Preserve the Past for the Future

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By: Michael Schiavetta

(From Left) Students Andi Saylor, Carolyn Kesterman, Morgan Christy, Caroline Briggs, Sara Croswell, and Kathryn Vanden Oever ’17 worked with the Delhi Historical Society to create a display depicting the 1937 Ohio River Flood.

Students working with Professor Peter Robinson recently worked on a display for the Delhi Historical Society. The students spent at least 30 hours on the service project, which consisted of five panels that focus on how the 1937 Ohio River Flood affected city residents.

“It’s important to take note of the past because there is so much that you can learn,” says biomedical sciences major Sara Croswell. “There are so many little things in our history that we don’t know but could end up being important or impactful to us.”

One of her favorite finds relates to the fires caused by the flood. According to Seton Journal, students hosted Bingo games to help raise money to cover the cost of the repairs.

“I found this so interesting because students still play Bingo on campus hosted by Residents Hall Council,” Croswell says. “Now I can’t say if Bingo has been an event all this time or if it went away and then became popular again, but it just shows how timeless some things can be, even though we are not playing for the same reasons that students did many years ago.”