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Mount Students Have Beer Recipe Tapped at Local Brewery

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By: Sasha Feldmann

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(L to R) Colleen Hayes, Daniel Taylor, Joe Lion, Andy Rasmussen, Tim Lawson

Mount St. Joseph University students Colleen Hayes and Daniel Taylor turned their classroom education into opportunity, when their original beer recipe was tapped at West Side Brewing on October 4.

Both students took the course BRW 101 at the Mount, where students learn the intricacies of brewing. At the end of the course, the two won a competition to have their recipe tapped at West Side Brewing.

“I was most excited about seeing the effort and craftsmanship that places like West Side Brewing put into their product,” says Taylor, “I was born and raised on the west side, and being able to share in the partnership between the Mount and its local businesses is very rewarding.”

West Side Brewery is part-owned by Kurtis Remmel, a Mount alum who had also taken the brewing course. He stayed in touch with course instructors Tim Lawson, Ph.D., and Andy Rasmussen, Ph.D., over the past few years. When the brewery opened in 2017, a partnership was only natural. The course competition was developed.

Remmel selected the raspberry Belgian witbier brewed by the students as this year’s winner. The beer is brewed with all-natural ingredients, including barley and wheat malts, flaked oats, raspberry puree, orange peel, and coriander.

The popular beer blog in the Akron Beacon Journal written by Rick Armon covered the event. The beer was also sold at the alumni tailgate before the Homecoming game at the Mount on October 6.