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Mount business dean gives keynote speech at international conference in UAE

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Rashed Jamal head shot.

Jamal Rashed, Ph.D., dean of the Mount St. Joseph University School of Business, was recently featured as a keynote speaker at the 26th Business and Economics Society International Conference at Al Ain University of Science & Technology, United Arab Emirates. Academicians, government officials and business practitioners attended the conference in early March.

Rashed’s keynote speech, “Lessons Learned from the Recent Oil Price Fluctuations” featured his expertise in oil prices and the economy. As the abstract states, “Oil prices have declined drastically in 2014 affecting oil exporting counties revenue and threatening the new discoveries of shale oil technology. There is no question that the major reason behind the collapse of oil prices is the excess supply in the oil market accompanied by a relatively weak global demand. External factors suggest the oil prices will rebound but will remain far below the price level we have seen in recent years. How persistent is this supply shift likely to be? Why is the 2014 collapse in oil prices different from the previous ones? Who benefits and who loses from this chaotic fluctuation in international oil prices? What should the major oil exporting countries do? Is the OPEC Cartel dead, or the laissez-fair strategy is the right one at this time? It is important to mention that oil exporters depend much more on oil than oil importers, then what implications this will have on policy makers of those countries?”

Rashed also chaired a session on “Management, Banking and Internal Governance” at Al Ain University and later ran a workshop on “Preparing the eligibility application and the role of volunteer mentor in accrediting business schools” held at Zaed University in Dubai. The session was attended by business deans and administrators from universities in the Middle East and North African countries. He also presented a paper he co-authored with John Ballard, Ph.D., professor of business administration at the Mount, titled, “Transnational Education in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries” at the conference.

Before coming to the Mount, Rashed had served as dean of business at Northern Michigan University, as well as serving as professor of economics and international business at Xavier University.