Mount St. Joseph University

Meet the Mount’s Next Student President

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Sarah Campbell

The results are in for the Student Government Association elections, and the winner for the 2017-2018 school year presidency is Sydney Koo.  Koo is a five-year nursing major who first joined SGA her freshman year in 2014, where she started as a senator.  Sophomore year she was the Student Wealth and Welfare Chair, and by the end of her sophomore year she became Vice President.  Her junior year she ran for Vice President and then she became President when Garrett Bascom resigned from his position this past fall semester.

Koo wanted to be involved from the start of college, saying, “SGA offers a board range of categories and helping people is something I am really passionate for.”

When Koo was next in line for the presidency of the 2016-17 school year, she wasn’t quite sure how to feel when it was announced Bascom would be stepping down.

“I was really nervous and definitely uncomfortable about it at first but previous SGA presidents helped prepare me for the change and I am very comfortable now,” she said.

She was originally going to run for President in the 2017-2018 election so being promoted to President while serving as Vice President was a blessing in disguise. One of the first items on her agenda: President Koo wants to get more people involved with SGA and to start recruiting more.

“One of SGA’s main goals is to add new improvements on campus such as remodeling, new chairs in the classroom lobby and the Seton kitchen,” she said.

SGA this semester is also remodeling their own structure of the organization.  There are many openings in the association, so they are planning on being at student orientations over the summer, and really listening to what students want on campus.

For next year school year Koo says, “We are wanting to remodel and to revamp the school, really focusing on what students are wanting.”

SGA would love to hear more suggestions from the students.  When asked if there is anything Koo wished students knew about SGA she answered, “What we’re here for! We want students to know that we are there to help whether it is trying to get more printing money for certain majors or anything.  We will always listen.”

Koo has loved being a part of SGA. She has met so many new people, it has helped her to become less of an introvert, and she has developed new skills.  She has met with the University of Cincinnati’s and Northern Kentucky University’s SGA presidents to connect and make those relationships stronger.

“My Leadership and Civic Engagement minor has really helped me to be a better leader.  SGA is a family, that’s the best way to describe it,” she says.

If you would like to join SGA, elections are held twice a year in the spring and in the fall for executive members and senators.  The fall election is for incoming freshman and upper-classmen to join.  But you can also just be a general member, which involves going to meetings and coming to voice an opinion without being a part of a committee.  SGA is open to new people and would love to gain more members.

Feel free to email Sydney Koo with any